Virtuoso: What it is and what it means to be a member!


Attention! Attention … We have some very exciting news!  Did you know that Pickles Travel Network is now an official member of Virtuoso?  We understand that agents may have a lot of questions regarding this change, so please keep reading to see what this means for our agents.

First things first, you may be wondering:  “What exactly is Virtuoso?”

Virtuoso is the leading global “luxury network built on human connection.” It is a family comprised of the best luxury travel agencies and elite partners in the world.  Supporting more than 20,000 travel agents, this network is built on trust, collaboration, and sincere friendship.  Virtuoso offers benefits designed to up-level your business with top-notch training, marketing resources, technology, high-rated events, and networking gigs around the world.

It does not matter if you are an agency owner or an advisor, Virtuoso has something for you!

Travel agents associated with Virtuoso will be able to elevate their clients’ traveler experience, while simultaneously catering to potential ultra-high, net-worth clients.  Just think “luxury-level, white-glove service,” and you are on the right track.

Through Virtuoso’s Certified Travel Advisor program, new agents will have access to Virtuoso’s signature training course and, ultimately, finish with more knowledge, sharper skills, and all of the tools needed to increase earning power.

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Virtuoso-advised clients are more loyal, travel for longer amounts of time, and spend significantly more than many competitor clients.

And, with Pickles Travel Network as your host agency, you will have immediate connections to those “high-roller” clients!  You will also be able to complete a 20-minute online questionnaire that will match you with members who are currently hiring, and your profile will stay active for 6 months.

As an agent connected to a host agency that is affiliated with Virtuoso, you are already ahead of the game.

Because Virtuoso is highly respected in the industry, Pickles Travel Network agents will be able to get started in the industry a little easier than if they were not affiliated with Virtuoso.  Being part of the Virtuoso community comes with a lot of perks.

Want to know more about Virtuoso’s perks? Here are just a few…

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1. All of the properties and products highlighted with Virtuoso have been fully vetted.

Save time, energy, and peace of mind knowing that the vendors and suppliers you entrust with your clients are the real deal and are top brands that your peers in the industry know and love.  In fact, by connecting with Virtuoso, your clients will receive the best rates, upgrades, and benefits; some of the world’s most knowledgeable guides; and, even a curated portfolio of more than 200 tour operators around the globe.

2. Virtuoso training is some of the absolute best (and most coveted!) in the industry.

If you are new to the industry, you will gain the confidence to make the sales you dream of, simply by knowing you have completed some of the best training in the industry.  And, there will be no second guessing because you will be able to turn to a support group to help you find the answers you need when they arise.

3. Virtuoso is focused on sustainability, which is quite impressive, and especially appeals to many higher-end travelers.

Virtuoso’s Sustainability Team provides travelers with inspirational experiences in natural settings to help them explore the planet responsibly.   Your clients will be able to protect their favorite travel destinations for future generations.  Clients will be able to support local economies during their trips as well as help preserve cultural heritage.  Virtuoso’s sustainable travel will truly be a “win-win” for everyone involved!

Virtuoso has also formed Strategic Alliances with the companies it works with, but what does this mean?

The Alliances Department at Virtuoso “identifies, manages, and develops strategic partnerships with Tourism Boards, media companies, and retail establishments” for the benefit of its members. This gives Virtuoso advisors an opportunity to build strong, long-lasting partnerships with the companies agents will be booking with on a regular basis.
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Virtuoso also collaborates with companies to propel innovation, expand and develop products, and give travel agents the opportunity to offer exclusive experiences to their clients.

By collaborating with entities such as Virgin GalacticVirtuoso Voyages, and Virtuoso Adventure Travel, agents may be able to literally take their marketing and sales game out of this world!

1. Virgin Galactic: some say that Space is the ultimate trip.

Virgin Galactic endeavors to take the first civilian passengers into suborbital space. Space trips will include in-depth astronaut training, exclusive events pre and post-trip, and V.I.P. access to engineers, test pilots, and other project creatives.  As an agent, you will have a chance to make history by becoming a hand-picked Virtuoso Accredited Space Agent specially trained by Virgin Galactic.

2. If launching into space isn’t your thing, perhaps you’d like to help your clients launch out on a Virtuoso Voyage!

Virtuoso Cruises are only available when they are booked through a Virtuoso advisor.  Give your cruisers one-of-a-kind experiences on 700+ sailings every year.  They’ll enjoy invite-only events and land excursions, private chauffeured tours, and lavish, multi-course meals at some of the world’s finest five-star hotels.

3. Are your clients “Adventure Junkies?”  Then, they’ll love Virtuoso’s Adventure Travel options.

The Virtuoso community can help you guide your clients to some of the world’s most adrenaline-pumping, authentic travel experiences.  You’ll lead your travelers to embrace the beauty of nature and even dive into some of the globe’s most exotic and fascinating cultures.

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Do you find yourself wondering where your clients may want to travel next?

Virtuoso has a wide range of publications that will inspire your clients to book their next trip with you.  If you are specifically looking for family destination spots or food and dining locations, Virtuoso will have you covered.

Virtuoso is also led by some of the best travel visionaries in the industry.

Chief Executive Officer Matthew D. Upchurch was added to the American Society of Travel Agents Hall of Fame back in 2004 as well as the Cruise Lines International Association Hall of Fame in 2010.  He has also served as the chairman of the Travel Institute.

Helen McCabe-Young, Senior Vice President of Marketing, is also part of Virtuoso’s dynamic Leadership Team.  She not only has a wide range of expertise in “hospitality, cruise, and wellness travel,” but also in brand awareness, product development, and creating business strategies that can optimize your results. Her marketing materials and lessons increase audience engagement and have helped give Virtuoso its extraordinary reputation.

Being part of Virtuoso’s growing travel family will help set you apart from other new travel agents.

When you choose Pickles Travel Network, you are automatically choosing Virtuoso!  We look forward to propelling you toward continued greatness and believe this new affiliation will be the answer you need to find not only your ideal clients but the high-paying ones as well.  If you are seriously ready to take your travel career — and service — to the next level, we believe this is exactly what you need.

Meet Pickles Travel Network: The Host Agency That Makes It Easy to Start and Scale Your Travel Business

Whether you’ve just started your travel agent journey, or you’ve been on it… Pickles Travel Network has the tools and resources to help grow your business. Unlike other host agencies, we believe in letting our members choose what works best for their business. Pickles Travel Network allows you to choose your commission rate, along with whether or not you want to charge planning fees. As a member, you’ll receive instant access to our list of suppliers, several marketing platforms and monthly coaching/trainings. 

IATA | CLIA Membership

PTN IATAN code: 45769253

PTN CLIA number: 00032299

When you enroll with suppliers, you must use PTN’s codes to receive a commission from us. Want to sign up for your own CLIA or IATA numbers for exclusive travel benefits? See below.

Get your own IATA/IATAN ID Card:


The IATA/IATAN ID Card is the industry-standard credential to identify bona fide travel professionals. Key benefits include access to concessionary incentives from industry suppliers. Just added, the IATA MemberPerks program provides cardholders with daily savings at over 300,000 merchants across North America.

To be eligible, you must be registered with IATAN under PTN’s IATA number 45769253, working a minimum of 20 hours per week and earning a minimum of $5,000 per annum in commissions. You’ll need to send PTN a support ticket asking for approval. Once approved, we will send you a PRIN # to allow you to register with IATAN and ask for an ID card.

Get your own CLIA EMBARK ID:


Obtain a CLIA EMBARC ID for travel discounts and FAM (Familiarization) trips. Join CLIA as an Individual Agent Member, under Pickles Travel Network CLIA #00032299.

Once you’ve registered, submit a support ticket to let us know, and we will approve your registration.

Alternate Plans

If you are a Careers on Vacation student or graduate, completed a similar training course, or are an experienced agent, you may be eligible for an alternate membership plan without access to the Travel Professionals Training Kit.

Please select the option that best describes you for more information.